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How Can Dentures Cause Bad Breath?

Posted on 10/25/2016 by Keith M. Cooper
A complete pair of dentures.
Dentures are a great solution to missing teeth. No matter if you have a partial or full set, dentures function just as your natural teeth would, except that you can remove them.

Since they can be taken out, you might think that they are less susceptible to the germs that they are exposed to in your mouth. So why does your breath still smell bad? Your dentures may actually be the cause.

If You Don't Clean Frequently
Your dentures act like natural teeth and are therefore exposed to the same things your natural teeth would be - food particles, germs and bacteria. Unlike natural teeth, however, these things can get under your dentures and sit between the denture and your gums. If not removed and cleaned frequently, the area between the gums and dentures becomes the perfect breeding ground for bacteria as it feeds on leftover food particles.

Ideally, you should remove your dentures and clean them after each meal, and be sure to use new adhesive. This will clean out the food particles and help get rid of bacteria.

Only Brushing Your Dentures

Brushing your dentures is not enough to clean out bacteria. The surface of your dentures is actually rough, full of holes not visible to the naked eye. The bristles of your toothbrush are too big to clean bacteria from these microscopic spaces.

While you should brush your dentures, an extra step should be taken at night. They should be soaked in a disinfecting solution to get into tiny crevices to kill any remaining bacteria.

You Don't Clean Your Whole Mouth

You should be cleaning your whole mouth as well. Wipe your gums or brush them with a very gentle toothbrush. You should also be cleaning your tongue, cheeks and the roof of your mouth. Not doing so results in germs and bacteria still being present when you put your dentures back in, giving them an early start to feed on food particles from your breakfast.

Don't let your dentures give you bad breath. Clean them frequently and thoroughly, and be sure to take care of your mouth and you can help ensure that your breath is healthy and clean.

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