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Yelp Reviews for Dr. Keith Cooper in San Jose, CA

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Robbie M. - San Jose, CA Posted on 3/1/2016
Dr. Cooper is awesome! He totally cares about his patients and is very thorough with the task at hand while I am in his chair and actually takes the time to listen to us, I know this because he always wants to know how my son is doing and how much snow my daughter has on her doorstep (lives in Colorado). I have been going to the same doctor for about 2 years and she never remembers that I even have children. Dr. Cooper cares, but most important of all, he really listens to what his patients say.

Darlene E. - Sunnyvale, CA Posted on 2/29/2016
I'm very glad to have been referred to Dr. Cooper. Finally, after not experiencing good dental work in the Bay Area since my own brother a dentist back in the Midwest did my assessments. Although a little pricey, but what isn't in the Bay Area, I do feel that Dr. Cooper is knowledgeable and has excellent skills in his profession. Dr. Cooper shared some x-rays taken on some previous family work done at Western Dental vs. his work and its an embarrassment what that group charges for the poor quality work performed. I just had two new crowns placed in my mouth this evening without pain and was able to have a nice dinner. Thank you, Dr. Cooper!

Robert D. - San Jose, CA Posted on 1/3/2016
"We were referred to Dr. Cooper by our family dentist to help our son with complex dental injuries resulting from a fall. We found Dr. Cooper to be a very knowledgeable and highly skilled oral surgeon He explained to us the various surgery and treatment options, timelines and anticipated results along with his recommendations noting all the complexities. Thanks to his skill and patience as a surgeon our son is on the road to recovery."

Anne H. - Palo Alto, CA Posted on 12/6/2015
"I have a friend I refer to as the Rolodex of Excellence- when I told her I needed a crown, she referred me to Dr. Cooper. I read the Yelp reviews and was hesitant to book an appt because of the uneven reviews, but my friend has never steered me wrong and Yelp has- you never know what reviews are really real. Anyway, I found the whole experience painless. Literally. The office staff is friendly, Dr. Cooper is funny and very clearly cared about me and the work he was doing, and the charges were straightforward and competitively priced. So, while I am hoping for a lifetime of healthy teeth and gums, if I do ever need more work, I can relax with the knowledge that everything will be alright."

Esther L.- San Jose, CA Posted on 12/3/2015
"Met Dr. Cooper a couple of years ago when I was looking for another dentist to give me a second opinion about my dental work. I had several implants done and was having ongoing, long-term problems. Dr. Cooper explained everything and told me what needed to be fixed and why. He was very thorough and worked with me every step of the way to make sure I got exactly what I needed. It was obvious that he is an expert at what he does. I also can't say enough about his staff, they are the best! Terri went over my treatment plan and the cost and even texted me to make appointments (very convenient). Jen and Karen and Dana are so friendly and are great at assisting Dr. Cooper. My case was extremely complicated and lengthy, but Dr. Cooper and his staff so great every step of the way. Thanks Dr. Cooper! You rock!"

Angela J. - Portland, OR Posted on 11/12/2015
"I really like the staff and K. Copper. I needed emergency dental work done THEY fit me in and I had no more pain! The office uses updated technology that made it a breeze and easy to get treated. I will be recommending them to everybody I know. I had a great experience!"

Louis J. - San Jose, CA Posted on 10/7/2015
Excellent communication and skills terrific office manager and great assistants Dana and Karen.

Peggy F. - San Jose, CA Posted on 2/2/2015
Very friendly staff. Dr. Cooper helped me with TMJ resulting from an auto accident. He was very gentle and caring. My family has been visiting his office for many, many years. I highly recommend anyone to visit his office.

Pauline R. - Nipomo, CA Posted on 11/12/2014
I was a patient of Dr. Cooper and had bridge work and implant denture work done 16 years ago. I moved away form the Bay Area and needed to find a new Dentist. I contacted Dr. Cooper and he was more than eager to help me find the right Dentist in my area. Having done extensive work on me, he was concerned that I see the right doctor. He even took time out of his busy schedule to call and evaluate the Doctor before recommending him.
I spoke several times with his office manager, Terri and she was very helpful, professional and pleasant.

Nancy W. - San Jose, CA Posted on 12/20/2013
I have been a patient of Dr. Cooper for many years. When I first started treatment, I needed much dental work, including root canals, bone grafts and implants, and was concerned about the course of treatment and how I would fare under his care.

Over the years, I have been cared for as if I were a member of their family. I have spent many hours in Dr. Cooper's office and actually look forward to my appointments. The staff has always been helpful and extremely supportive.

The care Dr. Cooper has given to me has been of the highest quality. He is a perfectionist and will not stop until the treatment has been performed to his highest standards. I am very lucky to have found such a fine dentist and recommend him highly.

Thank you, Dr. Cooper, Teri, Sandra and the rest of the staff for all your caring help and expertise over the last decade. You have really made my smile bright!

Lynn V. - San Jose, CA Posted on 4/4/2013
I have had a lot of experience with dental work during my lifetime. Today, I went to Dr. Keith Cooper for dental surgery. Absolutely excellent experience from start to finish. Great staff, very helpful and informed office manager and very caring dental assistants. Dr. Cooper is extremely skilled, his expertise shows in everything that he does. I really felt like I was in capable hands. The results of my procedure today are perfect. I am grateful that I found him through his ad in the San Jose Mercury News and highly recommend him! Thank you Dr. Cooper!!

Annie B. - Sunnyvale, CA Posted on 10/8/2012
Wow! I had the greatest experience in my surgery with Dr. Cooper. He and his staff are very welcoming and friendly. Dr. Cooper is a great Dentist and Surgeon.

Lucie D. - San Mateo, CA Posted on 7/29/2012
I needed Dental implants since I had no back teeth they were taken out years ago. I decided to do my research and interviewed 8 other dentists in the bay area before I went to Dr. Keith Cooper. I have to say I was impressed with his overall knowledge, what labs he uses for implants, and understanding that every patient is unique in getting dental implants done. I had four done at the same time and can't believe how I didn't have much pain. He made sure that I was his only patient those few hours so there would be no interuptions. He even had a car pick me up and drive me home that day. He is the Absolutely Best at what he does!!

His prices were fair. There are alot of ads out there offering dental implants at a lower price but be careful they are not Specialists and do not have the proper training. Quality, Service and Knowledge is his specialty.

Lusine K. - San Jose, CA Posted on 3/29/2012
Dr. Cooper is a great dentist! My whole family comes here, he does a wonderful job! Especially during procedures, he talks to you to keep you calm and pays extra close attention to you so you aren't in pain or uncomfortable during the procedure. He's definitely the best dentist I've ever had and I'm always happy with each new result. He even went back and fixed up fillings that were done poorly by other dentists previously! he's very knowledgeable as well which is helpful in deciding what you have to do next, as of right now I'm doing Invisalign and I have no complaints so far with it, I'm very happy he suggested it to me instead of regular braces which was a option I refused to use. I simply cannot wait to see the end results!

As for the Staff they are all very welcoming and the whole atmosphere here is great! they're easy and fun to talk to, it's really like coming to a second home. the place is always kept cleanly and its uncrowded and they're more than happy to give you water or anything else you may need while you wait!

My experience and my family's here has been positive I hope others will also experience the same as I have!

Kelvin N. - Cupertino, CA Posted on 3/25/2012
I have been going to see Dr. Cooper and his staff for well over 15 years. I have had numerous fillings and crowns and the quality of work has always been top-notch. I have never had to schedule follow-up visits to have any work redone. Sandra, the hygienist, is excellent and she has really helped me keep those "periodontal pockets" to a minimum. I recommend Dr. Cooper and his team for any dental work you may require.

Evelyn B. - Greensboro, NC Posted on 1/5/2012
I've been a patient of Dr. Cooper's for over 25 years, and there is a reason for that. Dr. Cooper is well educated and has had extensive training in his field of dentistry. I have had bridges, partials and crowns done by Dr. Cooper and I am now in the process of having six implants done. I live on the east coast and I traveled to the west coast just to have Dr. Cooper perform this level of dentistry. There is no other dentist I would trust to do this extensive dental work. Aside from Dr. Cooper's vast knowledge is extremely professional and caring. He takes such care in assuring that each patient gets the highest quality service matter how minor or major the procedure may be. I have heard many of his patients comment on the warmth and friendliness of his staff and the homey atmosphere of the office. I would recommend Dr. Keith Cooper to everyone I know. His close attention to details has prevented me from having any pain, complications, infections or any unforeseen problems. I am truly blessed to know that MY dentist will take no short cuts or provide me with substandard care...

Jerry S. Saratoga, CA Posted on 5/27/2011
"I've been a patient of Dr. Cooper for probably 15-20 years. He's done several crowns, root canals, a recent implant and many more minor procedures. His work has always been of the highest quality. I have never had to be careful with the implant or the crowns- I treat them just like natural teeth. I've been very impressed with his meticulous care in matching color between my natural teeth and replacements- not an easy task in my case."

Denise M.- San Jose, CA Posted on 12/21/2010
If there was ever a Michaelangelo in the dental field, Dr. Cooper would be it. My teeth were in terrible condition due mostly to night grinding. When procedures to repair my teeth didn't give me the results I wanted, it was time for a change. I knew after my first appointment with Dr. Cooper that I need not look any further. The results are that my teeth are GORGEOUS; I'm extremely happy and am no longer self conscience about my smile. I highly recommend Dr. Cooper and his staff.

John F. - San Jose, CA Posted on 10/18/2010
I just had an the first part of putting in an implant. I was really surprised how little pain there was in this procedure. After the first day I felt no pain at all with just a little soreness on the incision. This disappeared using the recommended ice packs periodically.

Fatima C. - Redwood City, CA Posted on 9/21/2010
Dr. Cooper was recommended by a coworker who spoke highly of him. My coworker's problem teeth and her TMJ symptoms went away after seeing Dr. Cooper . Dr. Cooper is the doctor to see especially if you have extensive dental work to be done. He is worth it. He is a dental artist/skilled, caring, compassionate doctor. He has great caring staff too.

I went to see Dr. Cooper after I got sick from dental procedure done by another dentist and then I saw one more dentist before my coworker told me about Dr. Cooper . The first day, Dr. Cooper did extensive mouth assessment and made adjustments on my teeth and so much of my pain/ suffering went away, I knew I was finally in the hands of the right doctor. I wish I knew Dr. Cooper before, I would have never got sick because he knows what he is doing.

A caring, compassionate doctor is nice but it is very important that they are skilled at what they do, like Dr. Cooper.

If you have TMJ, be very careful who to see, a doctor who is not as skilled as Dr. Cooper can make you very sick like I did.

Sarah J. - Merced, CA Posted on 6/1/2010
"I love Dr Cooper for general dental check-ups as well as extensive dental work. Unfortunately, he doesn't take my insurance so I had to go somewhere else."

Keith Cooper, DDS
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